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Sweet Treats for Easter Sunday

Purity Candy near Allenwood was packed with people picking up Easter candy. Father John Victoria of Faxon had a basket filled with goodies–and even a list!

“We’re having a little staff party today for the employees at the church so I wanted to pick up something for them. Also a few things for my family and friends,” Victoria said.

“Just some chocolate eggs and some peanut butter eggs. Usually I make my own but this year I didn’t,” Donna Smeltz said.

The staff at Purity Candy was busy making chocolate covered eggs, pretzels
and bunnies!

“Peanut butter has really taken off over the years. It used to be coconut creme, now it’s peanut butter. We’ve tried some new things, like fudge eggs. I don’t know, anything Easter,” John Burfeindt said.

This week on Pennsylvania Outdoor Life

Follow along as field staff member Susan Gallagher releases a porcupine back into the wild and we’ll have a conversation with the executive director of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission about the status of the state’s fish population.  Plus, we have a trout season edition of Pennsylvania People and Places and a product giveaway and it’s all Sunday night at 6:30.

Where Did Spring Go?

LACKAWANNA COUNTY– It is the kind of weather that has people asking “Where did spring go?”

The whipping winds in Union County peeled part of a metal roof from a barn near Miffinburg Tuesday.

That wind blew a skylight from the roof of the Luzerne County Courthouse in Wilkes-Barre, too. Workers had to block off a staircase and mop up the mess as the pounding rain came pouring in.

In Lackawanna County, some people ventured out despite the nasty weather.

“It’s normal springtime in Northeastern PA. That’s the way it is. One day it’s nice, the next day it’s nasty but the dog still had to go out, so we came out,” said Rich Fanning of Clarks Summit.

In South Abington Township, creeks and streams were swollen by the heavy rain.

There were problems on the roadways, too with minor flooding.

Inside a flower tent in Clarks Summit, it smelled like spring, but it was soggy.

Storm Damage As Front Passes

We experienced a drastic drop in temperatures as a front crossed the area Tuesday.

Many places started in the 60s and now, sleet and snow are falling in some spots.

That cold front brought a lot of wind with it, causing some damage.

In Union County, heavy wind peeled off part of a metal roof on a barn near Mifflinburg.

Finally Enjoying Warm Weather

It was a little windy on Monday, but it was beautiful out and people in central Pennsylvania took advantage and spent the day outside.

Cassandra Fleming and her family say they are tired of being cooped up inside.  They spent the day doing yard work outside their house in Shamokin Dam while their 2-year-old granddaughter Kearney played.

“Just outside riding bike, doing sidewalk chalk, putting ponds in, washing our cars and the four wheelers,” Fleming explained.

Many people spent the day walking at Shikellamy State Park near Sunbury.  Martha Leitzel says when the weather is this nice, she walks there twice a day, just to spend time outdoors.

“I was forced to go to the mall, which is nice when it’s ugly like it was this winter, and so I’m so glad to get outside,” said Leitzel.

M.J. Fair of Shamokin Dam spent the day at Shikellamy State park with her grandchildren who are visiting from Virginia.

A Culinary Home Run at the RailRiders at PNC Field

Jackie Lewandoski takes you on a culinary tour of all the new fabulous fresh foods you can find at the SWB RailRiders games this season.  In addition to meats smoked right at the stadium, mascots Champ, Mr. Incrediball and Quills each have their own special foods for fans to enjoy.

Matzah Brei for Passover

Newswatch 16′s Lara Greenberg prepares a Matzah Brei for Passover Seder.

Serves: 3

6 sheets of Matzah

3 eggs

½ stick of unsalted butter



  1. Break matzah into large pieces and put in a big bowl.
  2. Blanch matzah in hot water, making sure all pieces are wet.
  3. Once the matzah is soft, drain the matzah in a colander.
  4. Beat eggs in a separate, smaller bowl.
  5. Melt butter in pan on stove.
  6. Cover matzah in egg batter.
  7. Put matzah in pan, cook, and flip until matzah is golden brown.
  8. Serve with sugar (or whatever you like – many like a “savory” version of matzah brei, with salt, eggs, etc.)